I Wanna Scare Myself Ooh, I love surprises and wearing disguises A horribly hideous costume will do Better be wary be spooky and scary I'll bounce from the shadows and boo! CHORUS I wanna scare myself And everyone else The thrilly, and chilly old willys'll rise Cover your eyes We buddy beware I'm twitchin' and itchin' to scare myself Unspeakable sneakables, awful unlookables Galloping ghostles and goblins galore What it they find you well look out behind you A terrible TIgger-type roar (That would be me) CHORUS Now Tiggers I figure make scams even bigger They dress up and scream "Who am I, can you guess?" And tricks always happen when ghosts are a-flappin' And tricks are what Tiggers like best CHORUS SPOKEN: And who better? Oh by the way, boo! Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman