The Apple Seed

I have a story I've never told
One for all who wish to behold
This is the story of a curious witch
Who dug for gold in her favorite ditch
She merely wanted a gold kettle
She didn't wish to get rich

This is the story of one curious witch
She said to herself one day
Just what is it that makes this apple a witches delight
I've been told many stories, but they've never sounded quite right

One day this witch we'll call Anastacia
Set out to find herself an amber apple
These are the best ones to behold
The witches in her family have always told
And this particular day she found one on the ground
Hiding in the leafy fold

She brought it home and explored the sights
Of this apple's innards, this witches delight
She said to herself
One thing that has always appealed to me
Were the cute little seeds...lying there so vividly

So one by one she pulled them out
And one by one she tossed them about
But all of a sudden she felt a chill
She felt elated, she felt a thrill
Her cat looked down upon those seeds
Jumped down from the table and ate them with greed

Within seconds her cat was jumping about
Doing a jig-jig-jig-jig-jig-a-ma-bout
Now I see said Anastacia
Those seeds
Those cute little seeds are what the apple is all about !

Without hesitation she knelt to the floor
Picked up all of the seeds that she adored
She placed them on the table and delicately cut them in half
Picked the seeds away from the seed-skin and ate them herself

Ahhh.....she said with wonder forming in her eyes
A clever, angelica, almondine surprise
A kaleidoscope of fun, a utopian hypnotize !
But the flavor she said is without a doubt
A swirling love potion that's radiating all about

And so it was that Anastacia headed out.....

She found herself an old wine press
And an amber apple orchard to boot
She made gallons of amber apple love potion
And sold it from here to tim-buck-toot !

Stacy Lynn Zeisloft