The old wizard begains to chant lifting his hands;
red mist erups from his fingers, drifting,swirling
around the other man's feet, slowly rising upwards
spreading outwards it darkens as it passes his knees.

The victim shuts his eyes to close out the darkness;
his heart begins to race and pound loudly in his ears.

The thumping expands his chest,tightening hurtfully,
elevating his fear; yet...he can still feel the mist
crawling on his skin so chill it ravishes his body.

A cold breath slithers across his face. The sense of
forgetfulness sends a shiver slowly down his spine,
sudden change takes his breath away, heat so intense
it almost suffocates, then ever so slowly it subsides.

Crying sounds brush past his ear, a woman crying ,a
kiss of tears on his face, a sense of shrinking to fit.
The sensathon of floating back and forth weightlessly.

Echoes from two directions drift past, harsh laughter,
the words of the wizard being pulled from his memory,
of life on his world, of his beloved, his homeland, Gone!
A mother's cry for joy as her two-year-old opens His eyes.



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