The Wood Nymph

A nimble druid plays the kazoo in the belfry
While the wizard plays the aeolian harp in the windy terret
For a wood nymph who romps nearby

Why such romantic antics for one so eager to please thy beckoning call
And why this particular nymph when there are oh so many in the land of Rogue

She gathers pomegranate and dewberries by day
And searches for unmatched lads by night

She's as witty as a jester performing for a King and Queen
And as soft as a rabbit's tail, white and clean
The wood nymph runs free and naked through the forests
As the heavy perfume of mountain laurel flirts with her nose
And the soft damp moss rises to meet her feet

In this arabesque of a landscape, one can not help
To be captivated by the beauty of the wood nymph
Freely roaming about

While Druid and Wizard contine to play their instruments in the lofty breeze
Wood nymph performs eagerly
Always aware of their attentive eyes
Pretending they are love lustful spies

With a hop to the right, two skips to the left
She gingerly spins round and round without a rest
Always enticing them
Always putting them to the test

Now she makes a mad dash for the bluebell field
And leaps without hesitation
Into the near-by lake

Where bullfrogs hop to their safety
For goodness sake !

It is there she claims her favorite floating log
Climbs on top and straddles it to get
A clear view of the sights surrounding her

On the west side of the lake she sees a swarm
Of dragon-flies, so she cups her hands and uses them
As oars to get to the other side of the lake
For the dragon-flies tell her all of the secrets of the land of Rogue

She stares at the pulsating rythm of their irridedescent wings
Flapping in the mango colored sunset
And listens to their buzz-filled stories
As the birds-of-paradise gather in the trees

Druid and Wizard continue to watch her every move
For soon the sun will disappear behind the deep forests
And each of them are wishing they will be the lucky one
To spend a fleeting moment with the wood nymph
For she is quick and evasive in her pursuits

But today the dragonfly stories were filled with delight
So tonight Wood Nymph will walk the forests alone
With all of it's creatures and listen to their stories too !

Stacy Lynn Zeisloft