Generally accepted are certain attributes applicable to particular colors.

Black Sadness, evil, mourning, overcome fears, depression
Blue Subduing, calmness, serenity, spirituality, devotion
Brown Non-specific, untangling, general good, magnetism
Green Luck, money, wealth, financial success
Orange Peace of mind, good health, courage, vitality, spirit
Pink Success, promotions, conquering bad influences
Purple Commanding, compelling overcoming enemies, power, healing
Red Love attraction, friendship, well-being, life force
White For ;ruth, purity, spiritual strength. (Use a white candle with
    any other candle to enhance the other's powers.)
Yellow Dispel evil, drive away jealousy and envy, calm tensions, attain
    intellectual power.

       From time to time, you will see other colors offered such as orchid, lavender, gold, mustard, avocado, gray, and such.  These are variations of the basic colors and their vibrations can fall close to the primary color covered in the above list.


       These are included in many rituals, for they are intended to draw the special vibrations beneficial toward the person whose birthdate matches that of the particular astrological sign symbolized by the candle.  However, there is much confusion as to the color to be used for each sign, and, as with many occult matters, one has to follow the author or authority he trusts until he has established his own individual preference.  There are two types of astral candles, one is a regular candle of a special color which is recognized propitious for that particular period, and the other is a two - colored candle, one color from middle to top, another color from bottom to middle.  Either type can be used.  Here are given the favorable colors for each sign, and one should simply choose his personal preference from this list:
Aquarius Black, Blue, Pink, White
Aries Orange, Pink, Red, White
Cancer Blue, Brown, Green, White
Capricorn Black, Brown, Green, White
Gemini Black, Blue, Red, White
Leo Green, Orange, Pink, Red
Libra Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Pisces Black, Green, Pink, White
Sagittarius Blue, Green, Purple, Red
Scorpio Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow
Taurus Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Virgo Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow


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