Angel Of The Sea

All under the white caps, under the wave,
Our ship it went down like lead.
While above the storm, now down to my grave
I'd shortly be cold and dead.

But my hand was grabbed and my breast was clasped,
By an angel of the sea.
She was strong as a whale, her sleek green tail
It warped itself around me.

There in that dark sea I was able to stare--
Above us was roiling hells!--
She was soft and sweet and was passing fair,
Her skin was as smooth as shells.

Gold hair was as long as her arm was long,
She kissed me in winding hair.
My lungs then inhaled, they were hale and strong
And I had no need for air!

Her breasts were so full and pale as a queen.s
And  we swam down hand in hand,
Into her cave jeweled in reds and in greens,
Where I lived by her command.

At night we would love and she'd sing me a song
A sad soulful reverie.
Our love is still true, our love is still strong,
Strong as the white capped sea.

Michael Fantina