What of the light, the sun, its faded
just as the crystal is spread and jaded
But what of the spear, its platinum plates
to steer Destiny, thee of shapes?

My Lady would not change easily,
as you plate the crystal freely
But don't you see that we are set
with the glow of the spear Regret.

But life, for you, would slip away
if you were given the spear Decay,
But Destiny, whom knows one true,
Would give this crystal to so few.

For some of us, the light would shine
to radiate off our decline,
While the crystal is built, its many facets,
who of us can change the sets?

The platinum though, seems threatening,
but to some its of a dream,
And Destiny, whom beside we walk
will show us the spear and whom we stalk.

Be them with this platinum spear
to pace beside a foe so near,
Or be it with the crystal matrix,
To path our future, forever fixed.