Mary Jane

There once was a mermaid,
Her name was Mary Jane
And she would come to the shore
Again and again.

I was sitting there
By the old sea shore
When she came to me
And said "Whatcha doin' here for?"

I told her I was bored,
And was just watching waves
Then she said, "Let's go
Exploring for some old sea caves."

So I went to the house
To put on my suit
When I came back
She said I looked cute

So I jumped in
With the foam and the waves
And we spent half an eternity
Exploring those old sea caves

Somehow I wasn't surprised
Nor was I shocked
When I saw who she really was
She was my spirit I thought I'd lost too long ago.

This when the Oceans boiled around us
And the Earth broke open like an Egg
And we fell miles through Cobalt & Gold veins
Until we found ourselves together apart
From the worries of the World.

The Wayseeker