The Dancing Fishes

The big seals in motion
Like waves of the ocean,
Or gouty feet prancing,
Came heading the gay fish,
Crabs, lobsters, and crayfish,
Determined on dancing.
The sweet sounds they followed,
The gasping cod swallowd;
'Twas wonderful, really!
And turbot and Hounder,
'Mid fish that were rounder,
Just caper'd as gaily.
John Dorys came tripping;
Dull bake by their skipping
To frisk it seem'd given;
Bright mackrel went springing,
Like small rainbows winging
Their flight up to heaven.
The whiting and haddock
Left salt water paddock
This dance to be put in:
Where skate with flat faces
Edged out some odd plaices;
But soles kept their footing.

Sprats and herrings in powers
Of silvery showers
All number'd outnumber'd.
And great ling so lengthy
Were there in such plenty
The shore was encumber'd.
The scollop and oyster
Their two shells did roister,
Like castanets fitting;
While limpets moved clearly,
And rocks very nearly
With laughter were splitting.

Florence Conry