The Sea Nymph

I walked upon the rock strewn shore
and watched a soaring gull
as a great red globe of daybreak sun
shone scarlet on a hulll

On rounded rocks as high as a man
the waves came roaring in.
A spray cloud rose each time of crash
and drifted on the wind

As each great wave rose over the rocks
upon the sandy shore,
a hundred tiny fiddler crabs
ran sideways up before.

Then water ran down in myriad streams
as the waves rolled back beyond
and the fiddler crabs came running back
through each small frothing pond.

It was there that morning I saw the nymph
there standing on the rock,
her naked skin there striving
for nature's secrets to unfrock.

A crimson mist around her glowed
while red rivulets ran down her breast
then with arms outstretched up to the sky
she embraced each wave upon her chest.

The long raven hair streamed in the wind
like banners from a staff
while high above a gull was heard
to cry and sing and laugh.

With piercing eyes she saw me there
and her lips became a smile.
She beckoned with her open arms
while waves crashed all the while.

As the sun rose up into the sky
and lost its crimson hue,
the vision faded and mist turned white
with shades of ocean blue.

Then out beyond the rocky shore
where the water rose smooth with swell
I saw a dolphin rise in arc
and heard its shrill farewell.

William J. Orr