Where The Unicorns Went

     Long ago unicorns and humans, faeries and other creatures all lived in peace together. One day, while a father and his son went hunting for food, the father accidently shot his son. The father fled in fear. The boy lay on the ground crying in pain, slowly dying. Soon a unicorn walked up and looked at the boy with concern, knowing he was dying. The unicorn bent over pushing its horn into his chest straight into his heart. After a few minutes, it backed away, the boy was now healed. The boy ran home and told everyone. Soon unicorns were being hunted for their healing horn. Yet some people, or innocents as the unicorns know them as, tried to keep the unicorns safe. Soon this fight for the unicorns position became a great war. One tiny girl soon grew weary and knew something had to be done. She called to the faeries and asked them to save the unicorns. So the faeries did, they banished all unicorns to the dreams of the innocents. Unicorns were safe and free at last.

by marsangel13 aka selphie_tilmitt_13