All around are things not real,
You see unicorns, demons, and things with wings,
In your eyes they are colored blue, green, and teal,
You make yourself believe these fabulous things.

You see them gallop, run, and soar,
You walk among the things for so long have been marked unseen,
You see no unsettled scores,
You bask among all that is serene.

You ride the mythical unicorn,
And laugh and smile amongst the flowers,
You feel the their manes and horns,
And feel their mighty power.

When you feel you never want to leave you open your eyes to things seen,
You look around at all the bore,
You try to remember things that have been,
But your mind seems like it is being torn.

So learn this lesson for your good,
These dreams are like a song,
You listen to them as long as you could,
But you can't remember all the words for long.