Unicorn And The White Doe

Unicorn with burning heart
Breath of love has drawn
On his desolate peaks apart
At rumour of dawn,

Has trumpeted his pride
These long years mute,
Tossed his horn from side to side,
Lunged with his foot.

Like a storm of sand has run
Breaking his own boundaries,
Gone in hiding from the sun
Under camphor trees.

Straight was the course he took
Across the plain, but here with briar
And mire the tangled alleys crook;
Baulking desire.

A shoulder glinted white -
The bough still shakes -
A white doe darted out of sight
Through the forest brakes.

Tall and close the camphors grow,
The grass grows thick-
Where you are I do not know,
You fly so quick.

Where have you fled from me?
I pursue, you fade,
I hunt, you hide from me
In the tangled glade.

Often from my hot lair
I would watch you drink
(A mirage of tremulous air,)
From the pool's brink.