Harry Potter Poetry

The Arrival

Go Through The Wall To Platform Nine And Three Quarters.
Ride Hogwart's Express To The Lake Of Dark Waters.
In Small Groups Float Across The Lake In Wooden Boats,
While Up On The Cliff Through Swirling Fog Hogworth Floats.

There Waits That Magic School Of All Our Special Dreams
A Place Of Spells,So Nothing There Is As It Seems.
Friends, Foes, Professors, Ghosts, And Magic Quidditch Flights,
Things To Dream Of From Windows Alit With Golden Lights.

There Students Attend Classes To Master Their Craft,
While Through The Halls Baron, Friar, And Nick Ghosts Waft.
The Students Strive To Earn Points To Raise Their House Scores,
So They'll Win The House Cup And Fame Forevermore.


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